Day 6: Krynica (Rest day)

Krynica is one of the most popular spa towns in the area. Here you can try the waters, relax, send your postcards home or maybe take the cable railway to Gora Parkowa high above the town.

Day 2: Poprad Valley & Poczekaj Fields (ascent 380 distance 9km)

A route that was described by one of our guests as 'wall to wall' scenery. We walk from Mosowka, out of the small valley, on to the west flank of the Poprad and there a wonderful view opens up. Below can be seen the Poprad river and the old castle at Rytro and behind, the beginning of the Jaworzyny Ridge.
We continue along the valley and then into the woods, past fresh water springs and hillside paddocks. We regain the view at Poczekaj Fields, our lunch stop looking down on Piwniczna, the Poprad Valley and across to almost the entire Jaworzyny Ridge. After lunch and no doubt some photographs, we head quickly down through the woods to our transport below.

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This is our green weeks itinerary

Slightly easier than our Blue Week and best suited to 5 or 6 mile walkers.
For bookings of up to eight people please see the available dates on our calendar. Larger rambling clubs, U3A walking groups and others please contact us for availability.

Day 1: Transfer Day.

Free transfers to Krakow airport arriving by 10.00a.m.
Free transfers from Krakow airport departing by 8.00p.m.

Day 3: Slovensky Raj & the Sucha Bela Gorge (ascent 360m distance 7km)

We travel across the border into Slovakia and to an area known as Slovensky Raj [Slovak Paradise]
There we follow a truly spectacular tourist route along the Sucha Bela gorge.
After a gentle start, with the aid of specially placed walkways, ladders and chains, we easily climb between the towering cliffs along the valley and up past numerous waterfalls, plunge pools and rock walls to the plateau above where we take lunch.
Later we meander down the forest trails back to our transport at the car park below.
Despite its spectacular nature this route is passable by most of us.

Day 4: Biala Woda & Wawoz Homole reserves homole reserve (ascent 380 distance 11km)

We drive to the Graicarek valley, to the point where the Black and the White waters meet.
Here we enter the White Water valley often used as a set for films including the Polish Robin Hood Janosik.
We follow the almost level track along the valley floor between the huge rock towers before turning up to the Slovak border which we follow to the beautiful Wawoz Homole reserve.
We then turn back up the Graicarek valley towards our transport and if there's time take a look an ancient Lenk church on the way.

Day 5: Jaworzyny Ridge & Labowska Hala (ascent 320m distance 12km)

The Jaworzyny Ridge flanks the eastern side of the Poprad Valley and our transport drops us at a good height.
Its then only a short climb to the ridge. Walking along the ridge we seek out the various view points, caves and outcrops that dot the southern end.
There is a standing offer of free refreshment, for the person who manages to find one elusive cave, at the Labowska Hala mountain hostel.
We often enjoy a little refreshment here before descending down through the summer pastures and forests to our transport below.

Day 7: Cerveny Klastor and the Dunajec River raft (ascent 280m distance 7km)

We again venture into Slovakia to the village of Lesnica close to the famous Dunajec river. From here it is a lovely walk over the hills of the Slovak Pieninski national park to the monastery town of Cerveny Klastor. En route you will catch glimpses of the Dunajec River, the cliffs and the mountains on the Polish side of the park. At this point the duniec forms the border between Poland and Slovakia and the rarting on the Slovak side starts from Cerveny Klastor.
After lunch it is from here adjacent to the the monastery walls that we start our raft trip. This is not a white water rafting trip rather a gentle drift down the dunajec which takes us under the towering cliffs of the famously beautiful duniec river gorge.
Pictures in the gallery offer a better taste than any description that could be written here.
Our raft trip ends just a short walk, or carriage ride, back to the village of Lesnica and our transport.

Day 8: Transfer Day.

Free transfers to Krakow airport arriving by 10.00a.m.
Free transfers from Krakow airport departing by 8.00p.m.